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About Us

Currently, we continue to provide consultancy, training and development support to the leading organizations in the sector. We gain more and more strenght by growing teammates.

What We Do

Step by step our work method is given here. We start by discussing ideas that will add value to your projects. Next step is finding and appling the most accurate solutions with best design and development achitectures. After testing and approval we are ready to deliver your product.


Rise Consulting provides training support for your needs by MCT and MVP certified trainers.


The projects run by our company are developed by Rise development team.


We provide consultancy services in regard to the needs of your company.

Web Design

We offer web design services with web service in our projects.

Mobile Design

We offer mobile design services with mobile application service in our projects.

What Client Says

Our Trainings

You can find details of training given by Rise Consulting below. Training contents can be changeable and extendable in the direction of your requests. For pricing please contact with us.


40 hours

  • Introduction to Xamarin.Forms
  • XAML in Xamarin.Forms
  • Layout in Xamarin.Forms
  • Resources and Styles in Xamarin.Forms
  • Navigation Patterns in Xamarin.Forms
  • Data Binding in Xamarin.Forms
  • Using ListView in Xamarin.Forms
  • Master-Detail and Drawer Navigation
  • Customizing the ListView in Vamarin.Forms
  • Design and MVVM ViewModel in Xamarin.Forms
  • Xamarin.Forms Effects
  • Xamarin.Forms Renderers
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40 hours

  • Introduction to Xamarin.Android
  • Activities and Intents
  • ListViews and Adapters in Android
  • RecyclerView and CardView in Android
  • Toolbar and App Bar
  • Android Navigation
  • Android Services
  • Publishing an Android App
  • Google Maps
  • Location Services
  • Touch in Android
  • Gestures in Android
  • Building a Java Bindings Library
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40 hours

  • Introduction to Xamarin.iOS
  • Introduction to the Xamarin Designer for iOS
  • Make your Images Look Great on all Devices
  • Fundamentals of TableViews
  • Costumizing TableViews
  • Navigation Patterns
  • Introduction to Backgrounding: Running Finite-Lenght Tasks
  • Background Modes and File Transfer
  • Editing TableViews
  • Publishing an iOS App
  • Maps and Location
  • Costumizing Maps
  • Touch and Gestures
  • Auto Layout and Constraints
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Xamarin Enterprise

40 hours

  • Contact us for details
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iOS (Swift + Xcode)

40 hours

  • Getting Started with iOS 11 and Swift 4
  • iOS Interface Builder
  • Sideloading in iOS
  • Using Interface Builder in Xcode
  • Swift Programming Basics
  • Swift Data Types, Variables and Arrays
  • Programming in Swift 4 for Beginners [Using Swift Playgrounds]
  • The Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern
  • iOS Auto Layout and Setting Constraints
  • Programming in Swift 4 for Intermediates
  • Cocoapods, GPS, APIs, REST, APIs and Getting Web Content
  • The Command Line and Terminal
  • Cloud Database, iOS Animations and Advanced Swift
  • Git, GitHub and Version Control
  • Core Data, Realm, User Defaults - Learn Persistent Local Data Storage
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • iOS 11 - CoreML - How to Incorporate Machine Learning into your Apps
  • Machine Learning Using IBM Watson
  • iOS 11 - Advanced CoreML - How to Convert Pre-Trained Models Using CoreML Tools
  • iOS 11 - ARKit - How to Make Augmented Reality Apps in iOS
  • iOS 11 - Advanced ARKit - How to Measure Real World Dimensions in an ARKit app
  • How to Submit Your App to the App Store
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Android (Java + Kotlin)

40 hours

  • Introduction and Setup the environment
  • Kotlin Variables, Operations and Priorities
  • Kotlin Decision Making, Loop Control, Collections and Strings
  • Kotlin Functions, Object Oriented Programming
  • Kotlin Storage & Files
  • Kotlin Multi Therading
  • Git & Android
  • Learn to code in Java
  • Java - Creating Modules, Variables, Strings, Numbers, Methods, Conditionals, Arrays, ArrayLists
  • The Basics of Android
  • Working With Activities
  • Fragments & Mastering Android Layouts
  • Object Oriented Programming & Fragments on Android
  • Grids & Lists With Recycler View
  • Maps & GPS
  • Multimedia on Android
  • Web Requests & REST on Android
  • Firebase
  • Android Constraint Layout
  • Design & Publishing
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40 hours

  • Introduction to Asp.Net Core
  • Application Startup
  • Dependency Injection (Services)
  • Middleware
  • Static Files
  • Routing
  • Url Rewriting
  • Use multiple environments
  • Configuration and options
  • Logging
  • Handling Errors
  • File Providers
  • Host, Session and app state
  • Servers, Globalization and localization
  • Initiate HTTP requests, Request features, Access HttpContext
  • Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN)
  • WebSockets
  • Razor Pages
  • MVC Demo
  • API Demo
  • Test, Debug, Troubleshoot
  • Data access with Entity Framework Core
  • Client Side Development Basics
  • SignalR
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Host Á Deploy
  • M'grat'on
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30 hours

  • What is DevOps? (And should we shift to DevOps?)
  • DevOps glossary : Some terminology a successful devops team should know.
  • Source Code Management / Version Control
  • Docker Container
  • Ansible Introduction, master/controller server installation
  • Ansible Configuring master & managed hosts, modules, running from command line
  • Provisioning & Configuration Management
  • Container Management
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • DevOps Theoretical Fundamentals
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